Dye your hair after the progressive: how to continue withstrong and beautiful hair

Can dyeing your hair after the progressive work? The answer is positive , but as long as there is some care. Both procedures bring chemicals to the wires. Therefore, it is very important that care is taken to avoid not only excessive hair dryness, but also the dreaded chemical cut, that is, a very aggressive break in the hair. For further details, go here: coconut oil before coloring hair

Learn to follow if you should dye your hair after the progressive or before, if it is very risky to do both procedures on the same day and also how is the capillary schedule for straightened and painted hair!

How many days after the progressive can I dye my hair?

Come on! Ideally, you should straighten your hair first and then color it. The interval between one procedure or another should be about 6days . If you want to dye your hair after the progression and apply a brighter color , it is important to wait at least 15 days between procedures.

Take care of your hair in the interval between the progressive and the coloring. Bet on humectations, hydration and reconstructions, so that your hair is strong when receiving the chemical.

It is also very important to remember the relevance of the streak test , which should be done on your hair before dyeing your hair after the progressive one, to check if it is prepared to receive one more chemical.

Can I paint before the progressive?

Yes, it is also possible to dye your hair before the progressive one, but it is not ideal . This is because it is easier for the hair to be elastic and even the color to fade after you straighten it.Therefore, the best choice is to dye your hair after the progressive.

It is also worth remembering that we know that it is tempting to do both the progressive and the coloring on the same day, however,both procedures take chemistry and can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

Give your hair a few days to breathe between one procedure and the next, as it is common that when the hair is dyed and colored on the same day, the hair looks beautiful on the spot, but as the days go by, it will reveal the damage that were caused and that can often take time to be reversed.

Hair care before dyeing hair after progressive

As we said earlier, use the pause between the progressive and the painting in an intelligent way, trying to make procedures that will make your hair stronger to receive more chemistry.

Bet on hydration , reconstructions and humectations. These treatments are essential so that when your hair receives the coloring chemical,it does not become too fragile.

A great alternative is to moisturize at night , for example,which helps restore the shine and vitamins of hair fibers. To do this, choose a vegetable oil of your choice and apply it to your dry hair. Sleep with the oil on the strands and wash your hair in the morning. The results you will already be able to notice right after the first wetting.

Capillary schedule for straightened and colored hair

Did you dye your hair after the progressive? So now the time has come when your wires need special attention . In addition to the use of products suitable for hair with chemicals, it is also highly recommended that a capillary schedule be made .

Hair schedule is nothing more than a hair care routine that alternates some treatments, such as hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.This care can be done at home using specific products and the level of difficulty is very low.